The VISTA Vacation Video: Europe 2019

had to re-upload this because youtube sux anyways still check out peter bina’s soundcloud –


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  • Ninth Station: Farley Films uploads the same video a third time.
    We adore you, O Jacob, and we praise you, because by your trash videos you have redeemed the world.

  • when bittie has over 200 subscribers????????????

  • ok go off then i guess

  • I reported that this video infringes on my rights. Now YouTube has to watch 1 hour of Jacob Farley to see if he infringes on my rights 🙂

  • ⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⠶⣿⣭⡧⡤⣤⣻⣛⣹⣿⣿⣿⣶⣄

    R.I.P Original Video


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